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Wednesday, September 2, 2020 – 6:33am

Our Sun may have a twin, according to astrophysicists at Harvard University. Avi Loeb and collaborator Amir Siraj have suggested that a second star must have helped the sun collect passing debris because the Sun’s gravity alone wouldn’t have been powerful enough to pull so many objects into its orbit. They believe the twin broke away and has ended up in a completely different area of space.

‘Extraterrestrial actors’ sought for new plays 

A UFO expert is encouraging “extraterrestrial actors” to audition for alien parts in his new plays. John Steiger, 61, said alien actors would “have to audition just like everyone else” and warned that “they’re going to have a tough time winning any role”. However, he is not expecting an avalanche of applications. “I fear though that my plays are not at the top of the list of alien concerns about human activities here on Earth,” he said.

Diver returns leg found in river 

A diver who found a prosthetic leg in California’s American River was able to return it to its owner thanks to social media. Karl Bly said: “I realised it was a prosthetic leg and I just knew immediately somebody needed it back.” He posted about the discovery on Facebook and the “very, very thankful” owner came and collected it. “He just went on and on about how he needed it to get back to work,” said Bly.

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